Newah Organization of America (NOA) is glad to announce the inauguration of the Newah Language Class Program to be held on Sept 7, 2003

The commencement of this long anticipated initiative by NOA is crucial for the development and survival of the native language of the Newah community here in the USA and also to keep our Cultural Heritage alive. Language is one of the important ingredients of any Cultural Heritage, and we know that it is "THE VOICE" of the people and it’s Culture.

As a member of the Newah community it is our solemn duty and responsibility to pass on our culture, language and the arts to the next generation for continuity and development.

Pasapin, we have embarked on an important but difficult mission of Learning Newah Language. Help and support of each one of you is crucial at this early stages. These classes are being organized for all members of our community, for kids, youth and not so young, who has given up speaking their native language.
Newah language is dwindling and disappearing quiet rapidly. Facts and figures are not encouraging and this downturn has to be decelerated. 

When NOA was requested to undertake this project there were not many takers, but gradually people came around.

When NOA was requested to undertake this project there were not many takers, but gradually people came around.

There were many questions that had to be answered.

  • Who is going to learn the language?


  • Who is going to teach and run the program?


  • Who is going to help and contribute to it and sustain it? and many many more. 
Answer to all these questions is infact quiet simple –

"WE" or in other words " JHI".

Who else?!

People ask!

  • What is the benefit and is it practical to learn this language?
  •  Learning Nepali is more useful, why Newah language?


To all these questions I can only say, we need to do this for our own survival as a viable community.
Without a viable language there is no viable community.
Success or the failure to keep learning the language, and hence this program, will determine the success or the failure of us as a community.

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