Major attractions of the Yenya Punhi event:


The “Kumari” is a living goddess, symbolized by a young girl before puberty who embodies divine feminine energy. This tradition is a cornerstone of Nepal’s cultural heritage, reflecting the fusion of ancient religious beliefs and cultural customs. The Kumari is deeply respected by Nepalese people, and her blessings are sought during significant religious and social occasions. Many believe that her blessings bring prosperity and safeguard against harm. Experience the blessings of the living goddess Kumari at the Yenya Punhi festival.


The “Lakhey” is depicted as a terrifying, red-faced entity during the Yenya Punhi festival. A dancer dons a mask to represent Lakhey and performs a traditional dance in the streets. Despite its demonic nature, Lakhey is believed to protect the children of the Kathmandu valley. Witness the spectacle of Lakhey at the Yenya Punhi festival.


During Yenya Punhi, you can spot Pulukisi, a symbolic elephant, roaming the streets of Kathmandu valley. Legend has it that Indra descended to earth in human form to search for a special flower called Parijaat. When Indra was caught by locals in Kilagal, Kathmandu, Pulukisi came to the valley in search of him. This is why Pulukisi can be seen on the streets of Kathmandu during Yenya Punhi. And yes, you can even spot Pulukisi on the streets of Black Hill Regional Park during the Yenya Punhi celebration in Washington DC.

Kumari Rath:

The Kumari Rath, a ceremonial chariot carrying the Kumari, is a vital part of the Yenya Punhi. NOA has built the Kumari Rath outside Nepal for the first time to give the Nepalese diaspora in the DC metro area a taste of Yenya Punhi. The Kumari Rath is a beautifully decorated wooden structure, intricately carved and painted in bright colors, showcasing Nepal’s rich artistic heritage. It’s a hand-pulled chariot with no restrictions on who can pull it. Here’s your chance to experience pulling the Kumari Rath on the day of the Yenya Punhi celebration.

Samay Baji:

Samay Baji is a beloved Newah cuisine enjoyed by all Nepalese. It’s a traditional dish from the Kathmandu Valley and a lavish assortment of various delicacies served during special occasions, festivals, and celebrations. Samay Baji is a crucial part of Newah culture and is often prepared and shared during festivities like Yenya Punhi, Nepal Sambat (New Year), and other significant cultural events. It offers balanced nutrition through delicious food items such as Baji (Chiura), Chowela, Bhuti (Bhatmaas), Aloo, Bara, Achar, Dahi, etc. Most importantly, hundreds of families in the DC area voluntarily prepare this to serve thousands of participants on the Yenya Punhi celebration day. Isn’t it worth attending this event then?


Black Hill Regional Park
20930 Lake Ridge Drive
Boyds, MD 20841
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June 7th, 2024

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