NOA’s 23nd Annual General Meeting(AGM) and National Convention
Time: 1:00 PM to 9:30 PM Eastern Time
Venue: Eastern Middle School 300 University Blvd E, Silver Spring, MD 20901

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NOA’s Nepal Sambat 1144 Celebration Commemorating Shankhadhar Sakhwa

Newah Organization of America-NOA, We extend our sincerest gratitude to ALL our dedicated volunteers, talented performers, supportive sponsors, and everyone who attended – your contributions made Nepal Sambat 1144 Bhintuna celebration commemorating Shankhadhar Sakhwa an extraordinary event!

Pictures and Videos from the even is posted on NOA’s Facebook page. Please follow NOA’s Facebook Page..

NOA’s 11th Yenya Punhi(Indra Jatra) Festival

11th Group Keyata Puja (Bratabandha) 2023

Newah Organization of America (NOA) successfully completed the 11th Group Keyata Puja (Bratabandha) Ceremony on Saturday, July 8th, 2023, at Washington Kali Temple, Maryland in the presence of a large cross section of community members, family members, representatives of various organizations and media partners. Keyata Puja is a unique and significant religious milestone ceremony considered as a rite of passage marking the boy’s transitions to young adulthood, enabling him to perform his duties faithfully, gain knowledge and take responsibilities according to Hindu scripture. Renowned Newah Priest, Scholar, and Cultural Ambassador Mr. Basav Rajopadhyay performed the sacred ritual ceremony.

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About US

Welcome to Newah Organization of America! Newah Organization of American (NOA) is a non-Profit Tax-Exempt Organization registered in the USA.

Newah Organization of America (NOA) would like to take this opportunity to share the very good news that it has recently launched a brand new website with a much-improved layout, and a more dynamic, user friendly, and mobile device responsive design. This new version of the website is very user friendly for all kinds of PCs, tablets, smart phones, and other kinds of mobile devices.

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The time has come for our Newah community to understand and recognize many important issues and developments taking place around us and the impact it has on our community here in America and in our homeland Nepal.
To face this challenge and answer the need, aspirations and demand of our community in this 21st century, a new and relevant organization has to be created.

Mission Statement:

To provide a democratic forum for the Newah community to advance in all field of human activities, keeping in perspective the rich historical heritage of the Past, working creatively and collectively with friends and well-wishers to resolve important issues of the present and to secure the future for the coming generation and our country Nepal.
To advance the Newah community into the mainstream of American Life and foster strong ties with compatriots in our homeland Nepal.
To provide able and effective leadership and enhance the historical, socio-economical, cultural, language, literature, educational and techno-scientific bases of the community for developing an intelligent, compassionate, and creative Newah persona.



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