Press Releases of 11th Group Keyata Puja (Bratabandha) 2023

Newah Organization of America (NOA) successfully completed the 11th Group Keyata Puja (Bratabandha) Ceremony on Saturday, July 8th, 2023, at Washington Kali Temple, Maryland in the presence of a large cross section of community members, family members, representatives of various organizations and media partners. Keyata Puja is a unique and significant religious milestone ceremony considered as a rite of passage marking the boy’s transitions to young adulthood, enabling him to perform his duties faithfully, gain knowledge and take responsibilities according to Hindu scripture. Renowned Newah Priest, Scholar, and Cultural Ambassador Mr. Basav Rajopadhyay performed the sacred ritual ceremony.

This year’s participants are as followings:

  1. Mr. Marcus Joshi (S/O Milan Raj Joshi & Shreeja Joshi), West Hartford, Connecticut.
  2. Mr. Shreyos Joshi (S/O Milan Raj Joshi & Shreeja Joshi), West Hartford, Connecticut
  3. Mr. Devaj Shrestha (S/O Pravin Shrestha & Sarupa Shrestha), Olney, Maryland
  4. Mr. Bivaan Shrestha (S/O Bishwo Shrestha & Sushma Shrestha), Glen Allen, Virginia
  5. Mr. Arnav Shrestha (S/O Kshitiz Shrestha & Sushma Shrestha), Palatine, Illinois
  6. Mr. Ayden Karmacharya (S/O Pradeep Karmacharya & Archana Karmacharya), Centerville, Virginia
  7. Mr. Sanskar Maharjan (S/O Sanjay Maharjan & Binibha Maharjan), Rockville, Maryland

The auspicious ceremony commenced by the blessing of NOA’s senior founding member Mr. Ganesh Lal Kayastha, who also recently celebrated his third Janku (Devratharohan) and is considered to symbolically attained divinity as per the Hindu culture. Mr. Ganesh Lal Kayastha and his spouse Mrs. Haribaba Kayastha consistently assisted and led Keyata Puja ceremonies as Nayo and Naki for many years and NOA is fortunate for their Keyata contribution and service to the community. 

Then Newah priest Mr. Basav Rajopadhyay initiated the Pitri Shraddha (Nandimukhi) and sacred puja is assisted by NOA’s President Mr. Mahindra Man Singh Pradhan serving as the Nyoku for the ceremony and NOA is thankful and appreciate for this important role, then followed with symbolically summoning and remembering three generations of ancestors of all the participants. puja ceremony commenced with the traditional custom of receiving blessings from the priest, parents, relatives, and huge attendees. The enthusiastic participants enjoyed the ritual practice and witnessed the boy’s first ever hair shaving leaving the middle sacred hair (Angsa) by the maternal uncles (Pajus) and other relatives, then the hairs cautiously 

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collected by the aunties (Ninis), the tradition of wearing Keyata made of seven special cloth pieces, carrying bow and arrows, the fascinating rituals of seven steps on the betel-nut leaves. The ceremony began with traditional Newah Instruments Dhime & Bhaiya gracefully performed by Mr. Jayambu Ranjit, Mr. Divakar Dhaubhade, Sughandha Shrestha along with immediate past president Mr.Yagya Man Shakya. 

NOA 2nd Vice President Mr. Divakar Dhaubhadel was the coordinator of this year’s Keyata Puja and facilitated the ceremonial program with the priest. At the conclusion of the ceremony, renowned Newah priest and scholar Mr. Basav Rajopadhyay expressed his satisfaction and thanked NOA for the opportunity and for conducting this milestone program. In his address to the audience, Mr. Basav Rajopadhyay reminded the significance of conducting the rituals, and maintaining our rich culture, and tradition and commended the NOA president and the entire team for their outstanding work in continuously promoting and preserving our heritage in the USA. 

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NOA distributed Certificates of Completion to all Keyata Puja participants respectively along with a souvenir and token of love to all participants. NOA is deeply honored and extended sincere gratitude to the parents and relatives of the participants and felicitated them all on this milestone ceremony. 

On behalf of the NOA, President Pradhan thanked all the participants, their families, representatives of various organizations, and guests and expressed appreciation for their trust, support, and participation in this important ritual event organized by NOA. Mr. Pradhan also conveyed sincere gratitude to renowned Newah priest Mr. Basav Rajopadhyaya for seamlessly completing the ritual ceremony and 2nd Vice President Mr. Divakar Dhaubhadel for successfully coordinating this year’s Keyata Puja event. He also extended special thanks to the NOA’s founding members Mr. Ganesh Lal Kayastha and his spouse Mrs. Haribaba Kayastha for inaugurating and continuously serving as Nayo and Naki of the ceremony. Mr. Pradhan thanked NOA’s Founding Members, past Executive Committee members, Past Presidents, advisors, and representatives of various organizations for their continued patronage. Mr. Pradhan also thanked Executive Members and their spouses for their tireless efforts and great teamwork, volunteer friends for great assistance, media partners for live broadcasting eNepalese and, recognized Mr. Samridh R. Shrestha of Photo Bank for capturing exquisite moments, Mr. Roshan Lal Shrestha of THV media for outstanding videography, Red Chillies Indian Cuisine for catering delicious vegetarian food and the Washington Kali Temple for providing an excellent venue.

NOA Executive member spouses and dedicated volunteers served breakfast in the morning and delicious vegetarian lunch in the afternoon. NOA believes and hopes this milestone ritual ceremony concludes with unforgettable memories and wonderful experiences. NOA is honored to be a partner in this sacred journey of our life cycle and takes great pride in promoting, preserving, and practicing rich Newah culture, heritage and tradition in the United States.

For more information, please visit and NOA Facebook page. 

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July 28th, 2023

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