Mr. Pawaneswar Shrestha, age 39, like many of us, came to the United States to pursue higher education in 2005. Despite being an accomplished cultural artist and music video producer, Mr. Pawaneswar Shrestha left Nepal in his quest to gain higher education and to provide for his family. He completed his Masters’ Degree from Strayer University and joined the work force in 2008.

As faPawaneshwor Shresthaith took its turn, Mr. Pawaneswar Shrestha was diagnosed with lung cancer in late 2008 after series of medical tests at Fairfax Inova, Virginia. Despite all the hardship that was going on in his life, he never revealed to others about the difficulties to his friends and colleagues to avoid burden and pain to others. Mr. Pawaneswar Shrestha is a good man and a model citizen. His hallmark is his humility, co-operative and can do attitude. He continues to display these trades even at these desperate times, as he battles this deadly disease with unequivocal determination.Sunita Shrestha

Mr. Pawaneswar Shrestha is an active member of the Nepalese community in the Greater Washington DC metro area. His willingness to help the Nepali community though various social services is well recorded. He has been actively participating almost all the programs organized by NOA, NPPA, ANS, ANA, GWTS, TSGW, Radiodovann, some other leading organizations and many local affiliates in the DC Metropolitan area. Entertaining the communities by singing songs, teaching dances and songs to children, and helping co-ordination of programs are a few examples of his contribution to Nepalese society of DC Metro area.

Recognition of the importance of society, culture, and welfare of the Nepalese community runs deep in Mr. Pawaneswar Shrestha’s family. Mrs. Sunita Rajbhadari Shrestha, spo

Shlesha Shrestha

use of Mr. Pawaneswar Shrestha, who only recently was united with Mr. Pawaneswar Shrestha in the United States, is equally active volunteering for the community. Mrs. Sunita Rajbhandari Shrestha is well known Newah artist in Nepal and the producer of Newah movie “Vintuna.” Her tireless effort to teach young children at the Newah Organization of America Language Center (NOALC) in Washington DC, since her arrival, has gained admiration from all. Her recent performance at Passport DC organized by Embassy of Nepal and ANS show casing her eloquent traditional dance captured the hearts of many. Mrs. Sunita Rajbhandari Shrestha is resilient even though she is going through a painful phase in her life. Shlesha Shrestha (age 8), daughter of Mr.Pawaneswar Shrestha and Mrs. Sunita Rajbhandari Shrestha, is no push around when it comes to show casing her own talents. She has participated in many cultural programs in the DC metro area too. This beautiful family is going through hard times with mounting medical expenses and financial hardships.

We, NOA Executive Committee, friends and well wishers of Mr. Pawaneswar Shrestha, call upon the Nepalese community to help Mrs. Sunita Rajbhandari Shrestha and Shlesha Shrestha in any way possible – financially and morally – to help them through these difficult times and pray for Mr. Pawaneswar Shrestha to overcome his battle with cancer.

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July 14th, 2015

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