The Newah Organization of America (NOA) held a special Meet and Greet program to honor and recognize Lok Kabi Mr. Rajbhai Jakami and his spouse Mrs. Bhagwati Maharjan on Saturday, September 18, 2021 in the Washington D.C area. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the event was held in a private setting amidst the invitees of NOA founding members, advisers past presidents, EC members and volunteers only.

NOA Treasurer Mr. Divakar Dhaubhadel served as an emcee and heartily welcomed all the attendants present despite of a short notice. He recognized and honored the presence of distinguished guests and cordially requested NOA president Mr. Yagya Man Shakya, distinguished guests Lok Kabi Mr. Rajbhai Jakami & his spouse Mrs. Bhagwati Maharjan and WNO president Mr. Season Shrestha to be seated on dais. The program officially began with NOA president Mr.Yagya Man Shakya by offering khada and presenting NOA’s official LASKUS 2021 magazine to distinguished guests Mr. Jakami, his spouse and Mr. Shrestha.

NOA’s General Secretary Mr.Udaya Shrestha warmly welcomed participants, EC members, spouses and expressed deepest gratitude to the distinguished guests Mr. Jakami, his spouse and NOA president Mr. Shakya and WNO president Mr.Season Shrestha. General Secretary Mr. Shrestha conveyed short introduction and highlighted the accomplishments of Lok Kabi Mr. Rajbhai Jakami. Mr. Jakami hailed from indigenous Newah community and was born on B.S 2014 (Nepal Sambat 1078) in Bhujinda Tole of city Panga, Kirtipur, Nepal. His remarkable career in Nepalbhasa journey began very early on and was involved in teaching and producing daboo dance, writing poems, songs and has authored numerous books and articles. He has established himself as a prominent Newah activist, excellent orator, terrific writer and has recited several poems in rhymes honoring historic Newah scholars both past & present and continue to play an active role in advocating rights and identity of indigenous people and marginalized communities. He is immensely popular and in recognition of his excellent contribution Mr. Jakami was honored with the title of Lok Kabi by Newa Dey Daboo an umbrella of National Newa Organization of Nepal in B.S 2072. Mr. Jakami is the present chairman of Jyapu Maha Guthi Nepa, a prominent national organization and affiliated in leadership roles in several national and social organizations of Nepal. He has received several awards and honored by numerous organizations in Nepal. Mr. Shrestha wished him great successes in his plights in promoting and preserving Newah culture, tradition, heritage, literature, songs and beyond.

Distinguished guest Lok Kabi Mr. Rajbhai Jakami greeted participants, expressed gratitude for

recognition and honor bestowed by NOA and Newah community. He congratulated and praised NOA for working diligently to promote Nepal through Newah culture, tradition and heritage around the Washington DC area. Mr. Jakami recited a few short poems from his upcoming historic book Kirti Laxmi and it was well received by the participants. He conveyed the message of love, passion and unity among all Newah community to promote and preserve Nepalbhasa, world renowned heritage, culture, tradition and to remember the important relations between the language and sustainability of Newah community as envisioned by great poet Siddhidas Mahaju, four pillars of the Nepalbhasa renaissance era.

WNO president Mr. Season Shrestha felicitated distinguished guest Lok Kabi Mr. Rajbhai Jakami and expressed deepest gratitude to NOA for convening interaction program despite of ongoing pandemic in recognition and honor of Mr. Jakami who is an ardent Newah scholar, leader, poet, writer and popular community activist. Mr. Shrestha also briefed about the various WNO activities and ongoing Google translation project of Nepalbhasa online and appealed all to participate and be part of this noble cause in preserving Nepalbhasa.

NOA President Mr. Yagya Man Shakya welcomed and thanked all participants and extended warm greetings to distinguished guest Mr. Rajbhai Jakami, his spouse and WNO president Mr. Season Shrestha. Mr. Shakya shared the various activities conducted by NOA to achieve the goals & objectives in preserving and promoting Newah culture, tradition, heritage, language, dance and many more in the USA. He also cited that NOA has established a good tradition to recognize, and honor prominent Newah personalities, scholars, poets, writers and activists. On behalf of NOA and Newah community Mr. Shakya presented a “Certificate of Appreciation” to Mr. Jakami for his tireless contribution in preserving and promoting Nepalbhasa activities and more. Mr. Shakya also thanked EC members, volunteers and venue Taj Mahal Grill and Bar for making this program very successful.

Interaction program with Lok Kabi Mr. Rajbhai Jakami concluded with a short question and answer session. He entertained the participants with his popular Corona song and explained the interesting factor behind his last name ‘Jakami’. The program ended with delicious lunch and a lot of wonderful memories. Please visit and NOA Facebook page for more information.

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May 19th, 2022

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