The Newah Organization of America (NOA) held a special Meet & Greet program along with celebrating traditional Pahan Chare festival and to honor and recognize prominent personality Mrs. Shreejana Pradhan and her spouse Mr. Arun MS Pradhan on Sunday, April 3, 2022 in the Washington D.C area. The event was held in a private setting amidst the invitees of NOA founding members, advisers, past presidents, EC members, volunteers and friends.

NOA Treasurer Mr. Divakar Dhaubhadel served as an emcee and heartily welcomed and thanked all attendees despite a short notice. He recognized and honored distinguished guests and cordially requested NOA president Mr. Yagya Man Shakya to chair the program, distinguished guests Mrs. Shreejana Pradhan & his spouse Mr. Arun MS Pradhan and NOA former president/advisor Mr. Rajesh Shrestha to be seated on dais. The program officially began with NOA president Mr. Yagya Man Shakya by offering khada and flower bucket to distinguished guests Mrs. Pradhan, her spouse and Mr. Shrestha.

NOA’s General Secretary Mr. Udaya Shrestha welcomed participants, EC members, spouses and expressed deepest gratitude to the distinguished guests Mrs. Pradhan, her spouse, NOA president Mr. Shakya and NOA former president/advisor Mr. Rajesh Shrestha. Mr. Shrestha conveyed short introduction and highlighted commendable works of Mrs. Shreejana Pradhan. Mrs. Pradhan hailed from indigenous Newah community and was born in 6th August, 1955 in Teku, Kathmandu, Nepal. Her remarkable career in Nepalbhasa journey began after earning M.A in Nepalbhasa literature in B.S. 2041 being a graduate of the 1st batch. Mrs. Pradhan is a prominent Newah personality served as the former Chief of Central Department of Nepalbhasa-TU, Associate Professor at Patan Multiple Campus, Vice President of well-known National Indigenous and Women’s Federation (NIWF) and proudly representing the Newah community with deep interest in Nepalbhasa language, literature, culture, heritage and actively advocating rights, equality and welfare of indigenous women both internally and on the international forums representing Nepal.  She is a frequent participant in the UN and has visited many countries including the USA, South Korea, Japan, China, India, Thailand and more. Mr. Shrestha wished her great successes in her plights in promoting, preserving and efficiently representing Newah women’s voice, culture, language including other indigenous women’s voice.

Distinguished guest Mrs. Shreejana Pradhan greeted participants, expressed gratitude for recognition and honor bestowed by the NOA community and congratulated participants on the occasion of Pahan Chare festival. She commended NOA for working diligently to promote Nepal, remembering the root and proficiently reviving Newah culture, tradition, heritage, language around the Washington DC area. Mrs. Pradhan conveyed the message of compassion, unity among all Newah community and important to promote and preserve Nepalbhasa language, world renowned heritage, culture, tradition and to remember the vital relations between the language and sustainability of Newah community. She shared her experiences and important works related to representing and advocating socio-economically oppressed indigenous women throughout the villages of Nepal and plans to continue serving and spreading awareness in the communities.

NOA former president and advisor Mr. Rajesh Shrestha felicitated distinguished guest Mrs. Shreejana Pradhan and expressed deepest gratitude to NOA for convening interaction program to recognize and honor Mrs. Pradhan who is an ardent leader promoting Nepalbhasa language, culture and representing indigenous women in villages of Nepal and other foreign countries.

NOA President Mr. Yagya Man Shakya welcomed and thanked all participants and extended warm greetings to distinguished guest Mrs. Shreejana Pradhan, her spouse and NOA former president/advisor Mr. Rajesh Shrestha. Mr. Shakya shared the various activities conducted by NOA to achieve the goals & objectives in preserving and promoting Newah culture, tradition, heritage, language, dance and many more in the USA. He also cited that NOA has established a good tradition and continues to recognize, and honor prominent Newah personalities, scholars, poets, writers and activists. Mr. Shakya whole heartly commended the works and efforts of Mrs. Pradhan in Nepalbhasa language, representing and advocating well-being of indigenous women including Newah women in Nepal and many other countries. On behalf of NOA and Newah community Mr. Shakya presented a “Certificate of Appreciation” to Mr. Pradhan for her tireless contribution in preserving and promoting Nepalbhasa, culture and indigenous women’s rights and welfare. Mr. Shakya also thanked EC members & spouses, volunteers and venue Taj Mahal Grill restaurant including excellent foods and for making this program very successful.

Interaction program with Mrs. Shreejana Pradhan concluded with a delicious lunch and a lot of onderful memories. Please visit and NOA Facebook page for more information.

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May 19th, 2022

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