The Newah Organization of America celebrated Nepal Sambat 1139 “National New Year”, commemorating Founder and National Hero Sankhadhar Sakhwa on Saturday, December 1, 2018 in Washington DC area. More than two hundred community members came together to enjoy this National New Year Celebration uniquely named after the Country. Program began with the traditional SUKUNDA Rally along with live beats of Dhime & Bhusya and then procession followed with exhibiting portrait of Sankhadhar Sakhwa and New Year banner. NOA founding member’s spouse and senior Mrs. Haribaba Kayastha offered the blessing with red tika & kokha followed with Samay Bajee offering and welcoming all guests on their arrival.
NOA Secretary Mr. Divakar Dhaubhadel and Mrs. Mila Shrestha served as Emcees, called the event to order, invited NOA Acting President Mr. Pushkar Prajapati, Chief Guest H.E. Nepalese Ambassador to the United State Dr. Arjun Kumar Karki, Keynote Speaker NOA Founding Member and Past President Mr. Tribhuvan Tuladhar to the dais and conveyed sincere gratitude to all attendees for their valued participation.

The Nepal Sambat 1139 celebration program officially began by lighting the Twadewa by Chief Guest His Excellency Dr. Karki facilitated by Mrs. Hari Baba Kayastha and Mrs. Romee Shrestha, followed by Badge distribution assisted by spouses of executive committee Mrs. Chhaya Pradhan & Mrs. Meeli Amatya, and Khada offering by spouses of executive committee Mrs. Sunita Shrestha and Mrs. Mahima Shakya, to all distinguished guests at the dais. Likewise Flower and Khada distributed to official guests to tribute honor on the portrait of Shankhadhar Sakhwa assisted by Mrs. Samjhana Shrestha & Mrs. Sunita Shrestha. NOA Acting President Mr. Pushkar Prajapati and Chief Guest H.E. Nepalese Ambassador to the United States Dr. Arjun Kumar Karki offered khada and flower bouquets on the picture of Shankhadhar Sakhwa the Founder of Nepal Sambat (Nepal Era). A moment of silent was observed in honor of untimely demise of NOA Honorary Member, Member of Parliament and Human Right Advocate Mr. Padma Ranta Tuladhar. Dr. Anita Tuladhar has presented a “Biography and legacy of Late Padma Ranta Tuladhar highlighting his advocacy & movements towards establishing equal Human Rights, Linguistic Rights and Indigenous Minority Rights in Nepal.

NOA Vice President Mr. Sushil Lal Shrestha has hearty welcomed all the distinguished guests, community members, media representatives, friends and family. Keynote Speaker, Mr. Tribhuvan Tuladhar, founding member, past president and adviser of NOA had highlighted historic facts about of Sankhadhar Sakhwa a Founder of Nepal Sambat hailed from indigenous Newah community, importance and implementation of Nepal Sambat uniquely named after the Country towards preservation & promotion of Newah culture, heritage and language. Chief Guest Nepalese Ambassador to the United States H. E. Dr. Karki has mentioned that the Sankhadhar Sakhwa is a national hero who has formed National Era and he also stated the recognition of Nepal Sambat as the Rastriya Sambat (National New Year). He had congratulated NOA for working diligently to promote Nepal through Newah Culture & tradition around Washington DC area.

On the occasion of Nepal Sambat 1139 celebration leaders & representatives of various local organizations, Mr. Season Shrestha of World Newah Organization (WNO), Mr. Raju Joshee of Nepa Pasa Pucha Amerikaye (NPPA), Mrs. Vijaya Shah of American Nepal Woman Association (ANWA), Mrs. Bina Khadka of Nepali Pathshala, Mr. Uttar Lama of Tamang Society of Greater Washington cordially exchanged their greetings and expressed gratitude. NOA also took opportunity to launch a book “Yak Philatelist Ko Atit Dekhi Bartamansamma” Biography of Surendra Lal Shrestha, who is renown and pioneer Philatelist in Nepal.

Acting President Mr. Pushkar Prajapati extended warm greetings on the occasion of Nepal Sambat 1139 and also mentioned that NOA is working together with other organizations to achieve the goals to preserve & promote Newah culture, tradition and heritage in USA. He also cited that NOA has established tradition to continue commemorating founder of Nepal Sambat and national hero Sankhadhar Sakhwa since 2001. NOA General Secretary Mr. Mahindra Pradhan thanked all attendees, including the Chief Guest, Special Guests, Representatives from various Organizations, Volunteers, All Media Representatives, Food Contributors, Cultural Program Performers and tireless efforts of NOA Executive Committee members & their families. He also expressed gratitude and recognized all Sponsors Air Zone Travel, Aero Nepal Travel, Classic Diamond Inc., Photo Bank, Photo Pasal, Himalayan Elderly Care Inc., Cultural Program coordinator Mr. Yagya Man Shakya, Food Coordinator Executive Member Mr. Udaya Shrestha, Registration Treasurer Mr. Rajesh Lal Shrestha, Formal session Emcee Secretary Mr. Divakar Dhaubhadel & Mrs. Mila Shrestha, Culture Program Emcee Ms. Lochani Shakya & Ms. Mala Pradhan, Sound system DJ “K&K” Mr. Kohil Man Shakya and Senior Fashion Photographer Mr. Rajiv Shrestha, DCNepal media representative Mr. Khem Bhattachan, eNepalese media representative Mr. Bishwa Raj Thapa, Maryland Ka Hami Nepali representative Mr. Shreejan Tamrakar for their continued and valued support.

Culture Program Emcee Ms. Lochani Shakya & Ms. Mala Pradhan hosted the lively cultural program featuring songs and dances by popular local artists. Program began with welcome song “Nhugada Bhintuna” Written/Composed/Guitar by NOA Executive Members Mr. Pushkar Prajapati, performed by: Mr. Sushil Lal Shrestha, Mr. Mahindra Pradhan and Cajon (drum) by Mr. Divakar Dhaubhadel. The crowd enjoyed the classical dance Vajra Yogini by LochaniTara Shakya, Choreographed by NOA Executive Member Mr. Yagya Man Shakya. Another dashing presentation of USA born Nepalese children a very unique Live Dhimey Dance “Wa Pizya/ The Rice planting”: Choreographed //Concept/Dhimey: Mr. Pushkar Prajapati, Bhusya: Mr. Prajwal Karmacharya, Taa: Mr. Manoj Singh, performed by Ms. Nitisha Karmarcharya, Ms. Megha Chitrakar, Ms. Shreya Singh, Mr. Aaryan Shrestha, Mr. Pranav Malla , Mr. Ojas Shrestha, Ms. Wonjala Prajapati, Ms. Kritisha Karmacharya, Ms. Prazna Mall, Ms. Sasa Tuldhar, Mr. Aditya Shakya and presented by Sakchi Tuladhar.
Beautifully performed Nepali cover Songs: by Ms. Nitisha Karmacharya, Ms. Kritisha Karmacharya and on Guitar Mr. Prajwal Karmacharya, Local Artists Mr. Shiva Raj Joshi and Mr. Manoj Singh. Similalry, another very popular and entertaining Nepali Dance Pahilo Numberma by Ms. Pragyapti Chapagain, Ms. Sama Bhushal, Ms. Barsha Parajuli and Ms. Prasiddhi Chapagain and famous Man Magan dance performed by Ms. Kerlon Gurung, Ms. Suhana Shahi, Ms. Rianna Dahal, Ms. Sanskriti Lama, Ms. Swati Ms. Chhetri Sleshma Pant, Ms. Keshika Rayamajhi entertained the crowd. To continue entertainment renowned Pop Singers Mr. Sanjeep Pradhan, Mr. Srijan Tamrakar (Okely Band) and Pasa Band: Mr. Ashis Bhadel, Mr. Anug Shrestha and Mr. Prabin Karki thrilled the stage.

Continuing NOA debut in 3rd year presentation of Dabu Pyakha (Newah Drama) “Sweta Pinda” Written, Direction and presented in Nepal Bhasa by Dr. Roshan Lal Shrestha, presented by Mr. Mahindra Pradhan, and performed by Mr. Divakar Dhaubhadel, Mr. Jayambu Ranjit, Mr. Rabi Shakya, Mr. Anil Ranjit, Mrs. Mila Shrestha, Mr. Jim Shrestha, Mr. Markandaya Man Singh Pradhan, Mr. Adi Shakya and Ms. Roseeta Shrestha.

NOA extends New Year’s greeting to all Nepalese around the world and shares its best wishes for Nepal Sambat 1139, Nepal Era with lively entertainment stretched well into the evening serving delicious Traditional Newah Bhoye (Dinner) followed by distribution of appreciation certificates to all cultural & musical participants and program ended with a lot of wonderful new memories.

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December 18th, 2018

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