6.1.1 To carry on all functions of the organization following categories of meeting needs to be conducted: Annual General Meeting: The Executive body shall mandatory call one general meeting for all it’s members every year. Executive Body Meeting: Executive Body must call to order at least four quarterly meeting of it’s body. Emergency General Meeting: The Executive body can call an Emergency meeting of the general body as deemed necessary by the Executive body reflecting the need and urgency of the matter in hand to be discussed for the defense and upkeep of the organization.


7.1.1 Quorum for Executive meeting: Minimum of 51% of the members of the executive Body must be present in person or by proxy in order for the meeting to be valid. If the Quorum is not reached for the validity of the meeting a second call for the meeting shall be made and at least 33% of the executive members must be present in person or proxy to validate the meeting.


8.1.1. Even though all members of the Newah community are members of the Organization, each member has to be registered in order to vote for or be elected to an office.

8.1.2. Member has to be minimum 18 ( eighteen) years of age before he can register as a voting member.

8.1.3. Voting by Proxy shall be valid as per rules and regulations setup by the Executive Body.

8.1.4. Voting in the annual general meeting shall be conducted as per majority vote. Minimum of 51% of the votes of the attending voting members must be obtained for any issues to be approved.

8.1.5. Voting for election by mail or by e-mail will also be valid as members come from all over the country. The validity of the mail-in votes will have to be verifiable and confirmed as per rules and regulations setup by the Election Committee.


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