3.1.1 The organization structure of the Organization will comprise of the following bodies :
(a) The General Body
(b) The Executive Body
(c) The Advisory Board
3.1.2 The General Body: The general body shall consist of all members of the organization. It is the main body of the organization. The general body will elect the members of the Executive body.
3.1.3 The Executive body: The executive body is a body of elected and nominated members who will carry on the business of the organization and are accountable for planning, managing, monitoring and implementing the basic function of the organization.
3.1.4 The Executive body shall be of total thirteen (13) members and comprise of the following:
(a) Elected members – (9) total of nine members
(b) Nominated members ( regional) – (4) total of four members
3.1.5 The offices of the elected members and nominated members are:
1. President
2. First Vice President (Program Development)
3. Second Vice President (Public Relation & Operation)
4. General Secretary
5. Secretary- ( Administration)
6. Treasurer
7. Member
8. Member
9. Member
10. Nominated Regional Members – total of four (4)

3.1.6 The regional members will be nominated by the President on consultation with the members of the various regions of The United States. The number of regions will be as determined according to United States Geographical Department . nominated Regional members of the Executive body shall form a working committee (Chapter) in the region and provide leadership to carry on the works of the organization in that particular region in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization.
3.1.7 The term of office of the Executive body shall be of three years duration.
3.1.8 The office of the President shall be of only one term.
3.1.9 The Advisory Body: Members of the Advisory Board shall be nominated by the President in consultation with the Executive Body. Nominated members of the Advisory Body shall remain in office as long as the term of office of the Executive Body. All past Presidents shall becomes Ex-official member of this Advisory body and remains to be so as long as He/she desires.


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