4.1.1 Any individual wishing to join the organization can do so by applying to join and agree to abide by the Constitution of the Organization. No one shall be discriminated on basis of race, religion, nationality, color, caste and creed or sexual orientation of the individual.

4.1.2 All Newah individual naturally become a members of the organization. All other well-wishers can join the organization by applying for membership.

4.1.3 Following are the types of membership:

1. General member: All Newah individual naturally become a member of the General Body and will be called the “Member” of the organization. There shall not be any membership fee for the member of the Organization.

2. Associate members: All individual joining the organization shall become the associate members of the Organization and shall be called “Associate Member”. There shall not be any membership fee for Associate members of the Organization

3. Founding members: Individuals who had been involved in the establishment of this organization from the very beginning upto the end shall be called the ” Founding members” of the organization. List of the founding members is being included: (in random order)

1. Beda Pradhan

2. Balaram Joshi

3. Ganesh Kayastha

4. Ratna Kazi

5. Deepak Tuladhar

6. Krishna Charan Shrestha

7. Tribhuvan Tuladhar

8. Daya Shakya

9. Hariman Shrestha

10. Shyam Lall Shrestha

The rights and privileges of the founding members are the same as that of the member.

4. Life member: Any member wishing to be a member for life of the organization can do so by paying a one time donation determined by the Executive Body. He/she shall be called ” Life Member” of the organization

5. Honorary Member: NOA awards honorary membership to those individuals, or organization whose contributions are essential to attain the main objectives of the organization. Honorary members are not eligible to vote however, they can participate in the general council meeting. The executive committee nominates individuals or organizations for honorary membership.

6. Youth Member: Individual below the age of 18 (eighteen) who join the organization shall be termed as “Youth members” As a youth member they can learn from members as mentors of the organization and acquire valuable knowledge and experience. As future members of the organization leadership qualities shall be encouraged and developed so that they could assume future leadership role in the organization. Youth members are not allowed to vote.


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