Gorkha Kingdom under his declared intention of “establishing a real Hindustan in Nepal”, which is still persisting in practice even after dissolution of Shah dynastic rule and declaration of Nepal as “a secular federal republic” proves that old Nepal has not been pulled down, and democracy or people’s power has not been fully estalished.

As such the need of the hour is to build a New Nepal which can be built only on the ruins of old Nepal. The New Nepal which the people of Nepal aspire for is a democratic Nepal in which all the population are masters of their country and their destiny, in which one particular language will not get the privileged position i.e. will no more be treated as the national language nor state language nor medium language, in which the two and a half century old tradition of the state structured under the pattern of one particular religion, the Hindu priest (Bada Gurujyu) declared the State Priest no more continues, in which all the communities i.e. both the community which has been dominating the entire society by monopolizing all the privileges and facilities of the state as well as the so far down-trodden communities (the indigenous communities, the Madhesis, the so-called untouchables among the Khas community itself and the religious minorities like Muslims) will enjoy equal status and equal rights. Building a new Nepal is thus, in essence, a sacred task of destroying the old exploitary feudal and communal discriminatory state machinery as well as its corresponding pattern of society, of ending the rigid central control under unitary state system. It means the task of establishing a new order which guarantees freedom, equal right and equal opportunities for all and of establishing a federal state consisting of genuinely autonomous units for different major communities belonging to different languages, religions and cultures, units which provides rights to all of them to build their own destiny with their own efforts, so that all the communities love the country and its federal authorities as their common home. The Newah people have a sacred duty as well as an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the cause of accomplishment of this common aspiration of all Nepalese people.

The Newah people should muster all their strength and potentality and strengthen the struggle to acquire not only a Newah autonomous state, but also such autonomous states for all major communities of Nepal and thus build a Federal Secular Democratic Republic of Nepal, a fully independent, free and prosperous Nepal, a new Nepal free from all sorts of foreign domination and interference, a new Nepal where all comunities can autonomously run the affairs of their respective units and hew their own destiny by themselves and at the same time work collectively for the prosperity of their common homeland, Nepal. True to their glorious historical tradition, the Newah people should make significant contribution to this common cause of the Nepalese people. All Newah people living abroad also should join in this struggle for the liberation of the Newahs and other downtrodden and so far marginalized people in their homeland. The struggle for preserving and promoting the language, literature and culture of the Newah people, for which the members of Newah Organization of America as well as all other Newah compatriots living in America and other lands are dedicated, this struggle, this cause is inseparably connected with the struggle of Nepalese people for building a New Nepal. I cordially wish and hope that this 12th annual meeting and convention of Newah Organization of America along with the Newah people in America, united under the banner of NOA, will make significant contribution to preserve Newah identity, language, literature and culture inside the land they live, promote Newah glory, to promote the struggle of Nepalese people in the land of origin of Newahs and to strengthen initiative of Newah people in this struggle . I conclude with the hope that this annual meeting will give great strength to you all to march forward in this sacred cause.

!!! Subhaya !!!

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July 14th, 2015

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