Language and Culture. To whichever racial or blood origin they may be or whichever religion they adhere to, all Newah people speak one common language, the Nepalbhasha, one of the oldest languages of Nepal and a language having the privilege of being the official state language for more than four centuries during the later period of Malla rule. Further the Newah people of various racial origins and of different creeds have a common culture, the great Newah culture. The Newah people are a linguistic and cultural community, rather than purely ethnic one as other indigenous communities of Nepal.

The common language and common culture,being the strong unbreakable bond tying all the Newah people into an integral society, every Newah must exert his or her strength and potentiality to preserve and flourish language, literature and culture of the Newah people, to preserve their identity and promote their national glory. Whether they reside in the land of their origin or in alien countries, this is undoubtedly the duty and challenge for the Newah people. The Newahs have strong source of strength and inspiration from the immortal feats which their forefathers have shown in not only promoting and preserving, but propagating their culture far and wide.

As already stated above, the Newah people have always been subjugated and ruled by others and this factor has developed an unremovable attitude and nature on their part to be imbibed with a spirit of revolt. At the same time, as the Newah people have been brought up in an environment of co-existence of different racial communities possessing varied cultures and in coordination of different religious faiths, they instinctively possess the spirit of rejecting conservative and dogmatic views and customs. This combination of rebellious nature and the nature of rejecting conservatism and fanaticism have led them to adhere to progressive thoughts and life style.

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July 14th, 2015

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