Another specific characteristic of Newah people is that unlike other indigenous communities of Nepal viz the Tamang, the Gurungs, the Rais, the Limbus, the Magars and others, the Newah people are not homogenous in blood origin, nor in their religious creed. For instance all Tamangs are identical in their racial or blood origin and have the same common creed; similar is the case of Gurungs, Magars, Rais, Limbus, Chepangs or Sherpas. But if we look to the case of Newahs, some of them are descended from Aryan stock, some belong to Mongolian race and still others belong to Austro-Dravidic origin. As already mentioned above although in ancient times till two thousand years ago, the original Newahs were homogenously of Mongoloid stock, in course of history they have turned racially into a heterogenous community, although even now the majority of them belong to Mongolian stock.

In religious belief we find that even today there are Newahs mainly believing in Shaivism and beleving in Buddhism and some practising Animism. Before the conquest of Nepal Mandal and annexation of Malla Kingdoms by Prithvi Narayan Shah there were different Newah groups practising four distinct creeds: Buddhim, Shaivism, Islam and Christianity and a few practising Animism. Immediately after the establishment of his rule over the Newah people, Prithvi Narayan Shah banished all Newah Christians out of his Kingdom and those who failed to leave were executed; Newah Muslims, apprehending

persecution merged themselves into Khas Muslims or into immigrant Muslims like Kashmiri Muslims and Iraqi Muslims who also spoke Nepalbhasha at that time. Eventually at present Newahs are mainly of only two types with respect to their religious creed: Buddhist Newahs and the Shaiva Newahs.

Now naturally a question arises, if the Newahs are not a homogenous community with respect to racial origin or the faith or creed which they adhere to, what then is the common bond which binds all the Newahs into a single community or nationality. The answer is clear:

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July 14th, 2015

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